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Are Etsy Sales Down in 2023? What You Need To Know

Etsy has always been the go-to place for unique, handmade items. It's where crafters meet collectors, creators meet aficionados. But recently, there’s been a buzz among long-time sellers on Etsy about a dip in sales. Is it just a seasonal slump or is there more to the story? Let’s dig in.

Are Etsy Sales down in 2023 What You Need To Know I Your Guide Online

If you're an Etsy seller, you know the thrill of making a sale. It's not just about the money; it’s a nod to your craftsmanship. But what happens when the sales graph starts looking more like a flat line than a mountain range?

Now, whispers in the Etsy community suggest that 2023 has brought a chill in sales figures. And it's not just the sales; sellers are also talking about Etsy’s ever-changing algorithm and a payment reserve policy that’s tying up their funds.

Is Etsy still the friendly marketplace for independent sellers? Or is it becoming a tough terrain to navigate?

We hear you, and that’s why we are here to unravel the Etsy enigma of 2023. In this blog post, we'll look at:

  1. What the official sales data for Etsy in 2023 looks like.

  2. Why sellers are feeling the pinch and what’s irking them the most.

  3. The buzz about moving shop from Etsy to other platforms like Shopify.

  4. Actionable tips for Etsy sellers to navigate through these changes and increase sales.

Whether you are a seasoned seller, a newbie, or someone contemplating opening a shop on Etsy, this blog post aims to shed light on the current scenario in the Etsy marketplace.

So, buckle up as we embark on this exploratory journey through Etsy’s 2023 marketplace landscape. We’ve got some ground to cover!

Etsy Sales Performance in 2023:

Official Data:

The numbers are in, and they tell a story. In the first quarter of 2023, Etsy reported a Gross Merchandise Sales (GMS) of $3.1 billion, which is a 4.6% dip compared to the same period last year. Even the GMS on Etsy's marketplace dropped by 4.7%, standing at $2.7 billion.

Now, while the consolidated revenue saw a 10.6% rise, reaching $640.9 million, thanks to a transaction fee increase, it didn’t quite translate to more sales for individual sellers. Especially when we peek into different categories. For instance, the Shoes category saw the biggest dip in June, plunging by 11%, followed by Bath & Beauty at 9%, and both Home & Living and Jewelry at 8%. In Q2 Etsy's gross merchandise sales (GMS) in reached $3.0 billion, down 0.6% year over year.

So, it's clear, some categories are feeling the chill more than others. But what’s causing this cooling off in sales? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Impact of Etsy's Algorithm Updates:

Etsy’s search algorithm is like the wizard behind the curtain, orchestrating how buyers find your products. But, in 2023, the wizard seems to be singing a different tune, and not all sellers are in harmony with it.

Downloadable E-Guide Titled 'Dealing with Etsy Algorithm Updates' by Your Guide Online

The core of the concern? The frequent updates to Etsy's algorithm. As per our Dealing with Etsy Algorithm Updates Guide, these tweaks can impact how your shop and products rank in search results. One day you’re on page one, and the next? It’s like your shop took a hike to oblivion.

Now, while Etsy aims to provide a better shopping experience with these updates, it’s leaving some sellers in a bind. Especially the ones who’ve seen a drastic drop in their shop’s visibility and consequently, their sales. On top of this, many shoppers are complaining of a confusing search experience, so it seems like a lose-lose situation. .

The algorithm mystery coupled with the dip in sales has left many sellers in a quandary. Is it a temporary hiccup or a sign of rough waters ahead? As we peel back the layers, it's crucial to understand these dynamics to navigate the Etsy ecosystem successfully. And remember, knowledge is power. By understanding the changes and adapting your strategies, you can better position your shop in this evolving marketplace landscape.

Seller Sentiments and Frustrations:

Forum Insights:

Let’s swing by the Etsy forums, the hub where sellers exchange notes, seek advice, and vent out. Recently, these forums have been filled with increasing chatter about dwindling sales and the ever-elusive Etsy algorithm.

One seller shared their woes of a sudden sales drop, despite their shop stats being stable. Another chimed in about enduring days without sales for the first time. The common villain? Etsy’s algorithm changes, which many believe are favouring bigger shops or those offering free shipping.

The discussion threads are a blend of confusion, frustration, and a dash of hope. Sellers are brainstorming strategies, sharing what worked for them, and what didn't. It's a community coming together to navigate through a fog of uncertainties.

Payment Reserve Issue:

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room - Etsy’s new payment reserve policy. This new rule holds back a portion of the sellers' funds for 45 days - often up to 75%. Why? Etsy claim it’s a cushion for potential refunds and claims.

But here’s the rub. Sellers are finding this policy a tough pill to swallow. Imagine having your hard-earned money held up just when you need to restock or cover other business expenses. It’s a strain on the cash flow, and sellers are feeling the pinch.

The sentiments around this policy are a mixed bag of concern, frustration, and financial strain. Some sellers are even considering bidding Etsy goodbye. It’s a stark reminder that while Etsy is a platform for creativity, it’s also a field where policies change, and sellers need to stay on their toes.

This policy, along with algorithm tweaks, is nudging some sellers to explore life beyond Etsy. Is it a temporary phase or a sign of changing times? The plot thickens, and as we dig deeper, the narratives from the sellers’ community provide a real glimpse into the evolving Etsy marketplace.

Moving to Other Platforms:

Why Sellers are Making the Shift:

The grass often seems greener on the other side, and for some Etsy sellers, that 'other side' is venturing into different marketplaces or setting up their own online shops. But what's nudging them to make the move?

First up, the fees. Etsy's transaction fees can take a bite out of the sellers' earnings, and it stings. Then there’s the limited room for customisation. Sellers yearn for a personal touch, a unique storefront that echoes their brand. Etsy’s template doesn’t quite quench this thirst for individuality.

And oh, the algorithms! The constant tweaks can feel like trying to hit a moving target. It's exhausting and disheartening when the traffic dwindles.

Our Transitioning from Marketplaces to Your Own Website Guide sheds light on this pathway. It’s about taking the reins of your online business, having the freedom to design your shop, set your policies, and not share a chunk of your earnings with a middleman.

Downloadable E-Guide Titled 'Transitioning from Marketplaces to your own website' Guide for Online Sellers Moving from Etsy to their own website I Your Guide Online

Success Stories:

Now, shifting gears isn’t just a whimsical decision. It's a calculated move, and for many, it’s a decision that paid off handsomely.

Take the story of one our long-term clients, Sarah, a jewellery designer. Fed up with the fee deductions on Etsy, she moved her shop to Shopify. With a fresh, personalised storefront and more control over her shop’s policies, her sales shot up. The best part? She's now pocketing more from her sales.

Then there’s Tom, a vintage poster seller, who decided to set up his own website, using Wix. With some SEO magic and social media hustle, he’s now enjoying a steady stream of visitors and buyers.

These stories are a testament that with the right approach, tools, and a sprinkle of determination, life beyond Etsy can be rewarding. It’s about finding the right fit, the platform that resonates with your brand, and offers you the canvas to paint your entrepreneurial dreams.

Improving Your Etsy Shop Performance:

Optimisation Tips:

So, you love Etsy and want to stick around? That’s the spirit! Now, let’s talk about giving your shop a little boost.

SEO is Your Friend:

  • Keywords are key! Include relevant keywords in your product titles, descriptions, and tags to improve your shop’s visibility. Our Long-Tail Keyword Workbook can help you learn crucial keyword strategies as well as how to research keywords for your store, and how to use them. BONUS: Sign up to claim a copy for FREE here!

Images Matter:

  • Upload clear, high-resolution images to make your products pop. A well-photographed product can entice buyers to click and explore.

Engage with Your Customers:

  • Respond to queries, request reviews (politely, of course), and address any concerns promptly. Happy customers often come back.

Promotions and Sales:

  • Everyone loves a good deal. Run promotions or offer discounts during holidays or special events to attract more buyers.

Get Free Help:

  • Keep learning. Read our detailed blog post: Why your Etsy shop isn't selling, and how to fix it; for a detailed look at some excellent strategies to revive your Etsy sales and build long-term growth for your store. Complete with case studies and step-by-step advice to improve your store, this blog post is invaluable!

Personalised Shop Critique:

 A Tablet showing Your Guide Online's Personalised Etsy Shop Critique service. Aimed at ensuring increased sales and long term shop success for Etsy store owners

We'll help you boost sales, enhance visibility, and ensure long-term success. For keyword help, and strategies for specific listings, take a look at our Etsy Guide services to see how we can help you.

Adapting to Etsy's Search Function Changes:

The Etsy search algorithm can sometimes feel like a riddle wrapped in a mystery. But, it’s not insurmountable. Here’s how you can adapt:

Stay Updated:

  • Keep an eye on Etsy’s Seller Handbook for any updates on how the search function works.

Use Etsy’s Tools:

  • Utilise Etsy’s analytics tools to understand your shop’s performance and discover areas for improvement.

Get the Guide:

  • Our Guide; Dealing with Etsy Algorithm Updates, will help you understand how Etsy's algorithm works and its impact on search ranking. You'll learn strategies to effectively deal with algorithm updates, whilst maintaining visibility and sales.


  • Don’t shy away from trying new things. Tweak your keywords, try different product photos, or adjust your prices and observe the impact.

Community Insights:

  • Engage with other sellers on Etsy forums to learn from their experiences and gather insights on adapting to algorithm changes.

Be Patient:

  • Changes won’t happen overnight. Monitor your adjustments, learn from the outcomes, and keep refining your strategies.

It's all about staying flexible, informed, and willing to evolve with the platform's changes. Your Etsy shop is your domain; with the right strategies, you can make it shine amidst the algorithmic shuffle.

Reflecting and Engaging: Your Next Steps on Etsy

We've journeyed through the Etsy scenario of 2023, uncovering the shifts in sales, the algorithm maze, and the prospects beyond Etsy's borders. Whether you're contemplating a move to a different platform or aiming to elevate your Etsy shop, being informed is your solid ground.

Challenges often sprout opportunities for learning, adapting, and evolving. We're curious to know your story. Are you an Etsy seller adapting to the changes, or have you ventured onto other platforms? Share your experiences in the comments below or spread the word by sharing this post with fellow sellers. Together, let's navigate the digital marketplace, one insight at a time!

Your perspective could light the way for others in these evolving Etsy dynamics. So, share your thoughts, and let’s keep the dialogue flowing!


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